SharePoint MVP series: Naomi Moneypenny

SharePoint MVP series: Naomi Moneypenny

“I see the SharePoint community evolving over some time now. It’s been really interesting to see as Microsoft has moved the product platform along.”

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs and thought leaders. The SharePoint MVP series was created to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry.

We’re excited to continue the series with Office 365 MVP and ManyWorlds Chief Technology Officer Naomi Moneypenny.

To recap, here are some of the highlights of Naomi’s interview:

 “Appit allows you to really look at workflow from a different perspective, to let power users build their own kind of workflow and to be able to do it quickly in the cloud.”

“I think a lot of businesses are adopting hybrid at their own pace. It’s really important to figure out what you want to run on premises versus what you want to running in the cloud… With Appit, you have those choices.”

“It’s [the SharePoint community] really understanding that you’re evolving as an IT professional and really thinking about how I can interact with all of these other platforms in order to drive the new user experiences that are necessary to get business done.”

Watch the full interview with Naomi below:

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