SharePoint MVP series: Jason Schnur

SharePoint MVP series: Jason Schnur

“The great thing about K2’s strategy with Appit is that it’s enabled in an Office 365 full-cloud environment, a hybrid environment, an on premise environment. We’re able to keep the customer in charge and allow them to make decisions on their timeframe.” 

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs and thought leaders. The SharePoint MVP series was created to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry. 

We’re excited to continue the series with Jason Schnur, from the global consulting firm Protiviti. 

To recap, here are a few highlights from our interview with Jason: 

“Appit is giving people who are busy, who are on the go, the ability to conveniently approve business processes, keep business processes moving along, and let the business run.”

“Appit has the potential to change the way our clients work – our clients are always looking to get more done in less time…. There’s a very clear connection between Appit’s capabilities and that specific goal.” 

“One of the great things about Appit, and I think what Protiviti’s clients will be excited about, is being able to do that work while you’re offline and then have it automatically sync when you get back online.”

Watch the full interview with Jason below:

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