Modernize Your Manufacturing Business Without an IT Overhaul

Modernize Your Manufacturing Business Without an IT Overhaul

Any owner of a manufacturing business would agree that operational efficiency is important. However, many still see efficiency as a bonus instead of as an imperative.

It may be time to shift that thinking. In a challenging manufacturing landscape, efficiency is a lot more than the icing on the cake; it could make the difference between a manufacturing business barely surviving and thriving. If greater efficiency is in your future, it will probably entail some modernization. The problem is that too many think that modernization means only one thing: completely replacing expensive equipment and systems.

What if there were a way to modernize your IT infrastructure that complemented and optimized your current systems rather than replacing everything? Business applications could be the answer. Business applications can integrate with your current systems and bring together disparate data sources so that users have what they need in one easy-to-use interface. Business apps can also remove repetitive manual tasks and paper-based delays from any process through process automation. The best part? All of this can be done without having to replace servers or update systems.

Business applications could dramatically simplify a manufacturing process through end-to-end process automation. Some app platforms provide visual tools that let you quickly build apps with form and workflow capabilities that span users and systems and allow you to access disparate information from one, easy-to-use interface. This makes it possible to route the right information to the right people for approval or task completion, thereby automating processes, like price change or material requisition, end to end.

To manage these processes effectively, business apps with management consoles or dashboards can provide the management and reporting capabilities you need to maintain full visibility into how your processes are performing. If alerts are supported, you can even set up automatic notifications to alert you of potential bottlenecks before they occur. Reporting can provide longer-term business benefits, too, such as comparing current and historical information to gain valuable insights that help you make better business decisions.

Organizations that take advantage of business applications see dramatic results. In just one example, Kimberly-Clarke was able to streamline operations and improve visibility and efficiency by using K2 blackpearl to design and deploy more than 100 automated business processes.

Modernization might be closer than you think, and it doesn’t have to mean removing your current IT investments. To learn how you can streamline manufacturing processes, like price change and material requisition, contact K2.