We came 5th in the Microsoft Partner Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report!

We came 5th in the Microsoft Partner Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report!

We came 5th in the Microsoft Partner Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report!

We’re very pleased to announce we came 5th in Fifty Five and Five’s Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report. The report celebrates the best practice in digital marketing by product vendors in the Microsoft partner network. With a focus on companies who create apps and tools that extend and enhance SharePoint and Office 365, hundreds of partners’ websites, blogs and social feeds were analyzed. Making the Top 50 shows we’re implementing many of the recommended methods of boosting engagement and attracting the right people to our products and services.

You can pick up a free copy from the Fifty Five and Five website. Besides an overview of the Top 50 and detailed commentary on the Inbound Marketing efforts of all the companies involved, it also includes interviews, insights and caste studies with industry leaders.

What’s inbound marketing all about?

Inbound marketing is a term coined by Hubspot founder Dharmesh Shah (who has written an engaging foreword for the report) and can be defined in contrast to traditional outbound marketing. In the past, brands would pay for billboard ads, newspaper pull-outs and TV adverts in the hope that at least some of the people who saw them would go on to invest in their products or services.

By contrast, inbound marketing uses the power of the Internet to help people who are interested in the kinds of products you offer find them. SEO-tuned websites, a thought provoking Twitter feed and helpful blog posts all mean potential customers are more likely to discover you online.

And inbound marketing works:

  • B2B companies that blog just once or twice per month generate up to 70% more leads than those that don’t
  • 93% of buying cycles begin with an online search, making an SEO driven website essential
  • Websites with 51-100 pages generate 48% more traffic than those with 1-50 – and blogs are an important way of building up that number legitimately
  • 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter

“K2 has always believed that being simple and authentic, even in a technically complex world, is the only way to interact with our customers and community. We are honoured to be recognized for our work in the digital space.” - Sonia Martinez, VP Demand Generation

Pay off

Fifty Five and Five commented that our inbound marketing efforts were “…fantastic and they certainly deserve to be in the top five in our analysis. We were particularly impressed by their blog, which is full of useful articles that funnel readers into more in-depth content - a tactic to learn from” and scored us particularly highly on our strong twitter following, with a score of 7.6.

We’re delighted to be included in this report and are looking forward to taking our inbound marketing to the next level going forward. Want to find out more about us? Get in touch with us using the contact us form above.