Meet the LowCoders

Meet the LowCoders

You’ve heard about the promises of low-code tools — providing a fast and simpler way to build applications using visual interfaces with little to no coding required. But what does that actually mean to the users? How does low-code impact not only businesses but help those doing the leg-work to make the entire experience better?

We’ve turned to our customers to help us demonstrate how low code is used and what kind of value it provides. Some of the most active and successful people using low code today are problem solvers who embrace technology, aren’t satisfied with out-of-the-box solutions, and are relentless in their pursuit of finding a better way to work.

These “lowcoders” work in everything from global manufacturing, real estate, retail and logistics to highly regulated industries like healthcare, pharma, and financial services. They are looking to solve problems like expediting purchase orders, enabling customer self-service, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing overhead.

Here’s a few things they have to say about working with K2’s low-code business application platform:

“We have a person running the K2 development now, who started off as a business analyst and had no background in programming. But she was able to make the transition into her role very smoothly.”

– Emily Dorsett, VP of Project Management, Situs

“I’ve developed an appreciation for tools like K2 that let you put together a solution as quickly as possible. If we can automate a process for our users — without writing code —and have it meet or exceed expectations, I’m in favor of that. When you can quickly put together a form and a few SmartObjects that actually interact with the database, you can give them a live prototype in a very short time frame. This allows us to rapidly iterate towards a final solution”.

– Tim Evans, Principal Systems Analyst, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

“The team that administers the app is my client, so the best testament to the app is that I don’t get any phone calls. Everyone uses it, it runs really well and we rarely have any issues. Kudos to the K2 development team for making a solid product. It just runs which makes my life so much easier.”

– Rick Schoen, Principal Software Engineer, R&D, Callaway Golf

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