Meet the LowCoders: Emily Dorsett of Situs

ImageCurrent Role: Vice President of Project Management

Experience: SharePoint and K2 developer turned project manager

Business Challenges: New process automation and integration with existing SharePoint system

Integrations with K2: SharePoint, web services integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL and standalone applications with SQL Server

Favorite K2 feature: ViewFlow. It allows our users to easily find information they need

Hobbies: Exploring the world via scuba diving, dabbling in volleyball and softball leagues and cheering on all her Texas sports teams

Dream Concert: George Strait – Emily has tickets to see him in Las Vegas in September 2017!

Bucket List: Travel, travel and more travel. Next is either Germany or Highclere Castle in England (she’s a huge Downton Abbey fan)

K2 customer Emily Dorsett dives deep into multiple worlds

Emily Dorsett isn’t afraid of taking a deep dive. Whether it’s scuba diving in the clear waters of the Caribbean, or navigating the somewhat choppy waters of IT project management – she handles both situations effortlessly. And just as she uses the most top-notch scuba gear for the best diving experience, her team at Situs made sure to select the best tool to serve their process automation needs.

“We actually had a third party come in and review our advisory business. They suggested purchasing a business process management tool (BPM), and after an extensive process — evaluating 14 solutions and demoing four or five — we selected K2. Everything from the ViewFlow feature to the powerfulness of the product played a factor in our decision. We especially loved that K2 doesn’t require us to be dependent on SharePoint like other solutions do. The fact that K2 was its own environment really helped.”

Ease of use, Emily notes, was also a huge factor.

“We have a person running the K2 development now, who started off as a business analyst and had no background in programming. But she was able to make the transition into her role very smoothly.”

As a provider of innovative solutions for the finance and the global real estate industry, the Situs team was thrilled to have a reliable product that keeps them organized in their highly regulated industry and enables them to deliver the high-quality services Situs clients have come to expect.

“Our vendor audit process, which uses K2-integrated SharePoint features, is very cool. We do a lot of work for the banking industry, so we go through audits with several of our clients annually. When we receive this type of request, we can quickly kick off the workflow, assign each department a task and be confident everyone can work within the same document simultaneously. So there’s also a level of document management wrapped within the vendor auditing process.”

This integration has been invaluable. Before K2, the entire audit process was disjointed. Tasks were unclear and nobody knew where documents lived since there was no central place to house them. Now, thanks to the streamlining the K2 workflow brought to bear, Situs has been able to free up valuable resources.

“K2 really brought everything together. It reduced all these back and forth emails that were going around, kept the client informed and just automated a lot of the manual things that were going on. Before K2, we would get audits, but nobody would know where they were since there was no central place to go find the documents. Now, we don’t worry about that anymore.”

And it’s not just clients who benefit. K2 has also helped Emily and her team stay in compliance. For instance, if an audit came back for questioning or if Situs were to get audited independently, they would now easily be able to point to one place and say “here are all the documents you need.”

Wrapping up our discussion Emily shared this great little nugget with me: “People always ask me ‘can you do this in K2?’ Honestly, I can do whatever you want me to do. We’ll get really excited about the little things we discover.”

Challenging environments like this certainly aren’t new to Emily. Whether it’s tackling the next scuba expedition (she and her daughter will soon be able to check Cancun off the bucket list) or exploring the most creative ways to improve Situs’ business process efficiencies, Emily clearly has no trouble diving in head first.

We loved chatting with you, Emily!  Can’t wait to see what creative K2 solutions Situs builds next.

About Situs
Situs is the industry-leading financial services firm. Their mission is to provide the highest quality services, most insightful analytics, and best execution for every client on every engagement.

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