Meet the LowCoders: Kirk Keller

Customer Kirk Keller uses K2 to tackle business challenges

ImageCurrent Role: Software development team manager and K2 app builder

Experience: Went from doing a lot of control systems work as a programmer in R&D to working in the software development and IT space

Business Challenges: Needs business process automation solutions

Integrations with K2: SharePoint 2013

Favorite K2 feature: Being able to go into the K2’s Workspace, quickly track down an error, correct it externally, and have the workflow run without having to start over; amazed by what he can do with SmartForms

K2 is so cool because: It allows us to deliver value to the customer quickly

Dream Trip: New Zealand

Hobbies: Golf and cheering on the Denver Broncos in the comfort of his own home

Kirk Keller can’t resist a good challenge.

Despite dubbing it “the world’s most frustrating game,” he is drawn to the difficulty of golf and has earned an impressive handicap of three. The same hunger for a good challenge applies to his career. Before landing his current role, Kirk worked at a government national laboratory where he ran extremely complex, high-tech projects from cold fusion to splitting atoms to automobile collision detection.

While Kirk enjoys a good challenge, he still appreciates a helping hand here and there. That’s where K2 comes in. A few years ago, Kirk and his team ran into integration problems while trying to implement SharePoint 2013 at their company.

“When I was responsible for the team implementing SharePoint 2013, we hired a contractor trained to implement a business process automation solution in straight SharePoint. It failed miserably. So I started to look for an alternative, and that’s when I found K2. I called up the contractor and said, ‘Do you think all these issues we’re having can be resolved with K2?’ and he said, ‘Absolutely.’”

Kirk initially gravitated to K2 as a solution due to its use of visual environments.

“Visual programming should be the direction of the industry. I’m not one of these old school developers who always has to be punching out code; I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of programming in visual environments.”

In the past two years that Kirk has worked with K2, he and his team have heavily utilized SmartForms and successfully built and deployed three applications. For example, creating an application to streamline a complex contract approval scenario. And they plan to build several more, now that the ease of use allows them to create apps at a rapid pace.

“When building an app of medium complexity, the entire end-to-end process — from concept to design to user testing to pilot mode — took one month using K2. If we had been using native code, it would have taken three to four months.”

It’s not only Kirk and his team who are happy with K2’s success. So are their customers, who have fallen in love with many aspects of the product, from the user-friendly interface to being able to interact with K2 through SmartActions to the aesthetic appeal of ViewFlow.

“Customers fell in love with Viewflow when we gave it to them! They just find it easy to use the application with K2 involved. These folks came from a complex SAP interface. When they came into K2, it was like a breath of fresh air. People understand it.”

So while it may take years of practice and dedication to reach Kirk’s level of golfing skill, it doesn’t have to be laborious to create easy and smart solutions for your business.

Thanks for chatting with us, Kirk! Look forward to hearing about what apps you build next using K2.

About Kirk Keller

Kirk Keller currently works for a company that manufactures products for your home. He uses K2 to simplify and automate complicated business processes, such as their internal contract approval process.

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