Learn more about: K2 Remote Services

Learn more about: K2 Remote Services
Did you know that there are a variety of Remote Services offerings available to help jumpstart or refresh your K2 implementation? Using your K2 Services Credits, you can schedule time with a K2 consultant in one hour blocks for our ‘Remote Mentoring’

Think of this time as your very own K2 phone-a-friend, or having your own K2 trusted advisor. Perhaps you are planning your first K2 application and you’d like to bounce some ideas off the consultant to ensure you’re going down the right path. Maybe you just attended a K2 training session and you have some very particular questions about your own environment or application. It could be that you’ve been running K2 for years and now want to create an advanced piece of code to integratewith another system within your organization. 

The possibilities really are limitless. It’s simply dedicated time between you and a seasoned K2 consultant to mentor or guide you through your K2 journey.  The team of consultants can even assist you in the installation process, through our ‘Remote Installation’ service.  

In addition to Remote Mentoring and Remote Installation, we also offer training across several competencies, with your choice of delivery to best suit your learning style. Our ‘Virtual Classroom Training’ is scheduled, instructor-led training, while ‘On-Demand Training’ takes the form of recorded sessions that can be consumed at your own time and pace.

To schedule any Remote Services offering, simply login to the K2 Portal and submit a Remote Services Request.

Need more information? Contact your K2 sales representative.