KMWorld 100 – K2 Matters in Knowledge Management


KMWorld recently released its annual list of ‘100 companies that matter in knowledge management’ for 2017. K2 is honored to be included in this prestigious list for the 2nd year in a row. KMWorld describes the importance of this list best:

Things that matter: innovation, ingenuity, resourcefulness, usefulness, collaboration, community, expertise. Our annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management features organizations that manifest those traits themselves and that help their customers attain such qualities. In researching the list this year, we were struck by the preponderance of such terms as machine learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing—capabilities driving technology ever steadily toward more human-like behavior. Chatbots help us shop online, and they even participate in our political dialog online. Digital assistants are extending their reach to help users find answers and solve problems. And autonomous vehicles can drive without us. But in addition to those seemingly futuristic functions, tried-and-true technologies to help manage knowledge are well-represented on the list … records management, business process management, enterprise content management, business intelligence and so on. The banner of knowledge management spans a wealth of territory to encompass solutions that range from digitizing paper invoices to simulating human conversation. Technologies evolve and so does this list. We don’t start from scratch each year but rather refine the list annually, eliminating some companies to make room for others.”

Those familiar with K2 know how relentless we are about innovation, ingenuity, resourcefulness, usefulness, collaboration, community and expertise. These are all traits we aim to help our customers achieve through the use of our platform and the services we provide along with it. K2 is incredibly grateful to be featured amongst impressive company on KMWorld’s list, and stays committed to living up to these expectations year in and year out.

Read more about the list on KMWorld’s website – and if you don’t know much about K2, get in touch!