K2 steps up to ALS - #icebucketchallenge

K2 steps up to ALS - #icebucketchallenge

What's better than seeing your CEO accept the ice bucket challenge for ALS? The whole South African office - all 140 people - doing it too!

K2 is donating $20 for each person who takes the challenge, and we're going office to office to donate as much money as possible to stop ALS in its tracks. That means we've already racked up $2,800 over $3,500 to add to the fight. (FINAL COUNT: 288 wet K2 heads, means we've donated $5,760! Great job, K2!)

Watch the video to see the hilarious reactions (and the trash can-sized bucket of ice water being dumped on Adriaan van Wyk!), and stay tuned for more videos from each office.

For more information about ALS and how you can donate, visit alsa.org.


UPDATE: Rudolf, Cameron and Eric have all accepted the challenge (and Cameron has challenged the whole team at Azure Capital). Watch their videos below:




And there are more K2 videos as well! Check out David Leveille going big:

And Rick Cowan's recap (and slip 'n' slide!):

Stay tuned for many more!

UPDATE: The Denver office has accepted the challenge, and asked all K2 distributors to join in! Our DC team has taken the challenge, too!

Update 8/28: the North America HQ has responded! Where you at, EMEA and APAC? 

APAC is in as of August 30th!

As of 9/4, we're all in - great job, UK!