Are You Losing Visibility Into Your Business at the Most Critical Time?

Most companies have a need to centralize and automate their business-critical processes and this is especially true when those processes require signatures. Think: getting a deal closed, opening a new account, or onboarding a new employee.  Without proper orchestration, the headaches are countless:

Labor intensive routing of forms & approvals

  • Are the right forms included in the package for signature? 
  • Has everyone signed off that needs to?

Lengthy, tedious steps to collect signatures

  • Printing, scanning, emailing…oh my!

Lack of visibility

  • Where is the document in the process flow right now?
  • Is it where it needs to be?
  • Will we meet our deadline?

Manual storage & close-out

  • Has the right person been notified that the signature was received and the document is complete?
  • How are we ensuring that the document gets stored for compliance and optimum security?

And how do we now replicate for scale? Fortunately, there’s a better way!

The solution

By combining two best of breed technologies – K2 and DocuSign, it’s possible to automate every step in the process, including signature(s), while maintaining the visibility and speed you rely on to run a successful business.

  • Build Smarter: Using wizards native in the K2 platform, users can design workflows with reusable components that tie into line of business systems. What’s more: K2 has exposed the full range of DocuSign events and activities as part of this design experience to allow for seamless inclusion of electronic signatures.
  • Work Smarter: Using K2 and DocuSign, viewing and signing documents is incredibly easy. The K2 integration surfaces the DocuSign interface from within a K2 Smartform. This means that users can open the form from their organization’s dashboard, where they typically do their work, and see all data tied to the document to be signed (such as all approvals, notes or other supporting documents) and sign the agreement with DocuSign from the same screen.  
  • Retain Visibility & Control: Whether in K2 or DocuSign, organizations can see what has happened every step along the way. At any given moment, you’ll know where the document is in the process so you can get ahead of any potential road blocks.  

With K2 and DocuSign together, the waiting and wondering for those important business agreements is now over. Check out our on-demand webcast to learn more.