You Can and Will Survive This Perfect Storm

You Can and Will Survive This Perfect Storm

We are currently in the midst of three technology trends that, when combined, create the perfect storm for CIOs to enable unprecedented business productivity gains. First, we have witnessed consumers shifting from traditional personal computers (PC) to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Bloomberg Technology reports that PC sales have dropped four straight years while other reports predict smartphone sales will top 1.5 billion devices worldwide. The message is clear as consumers continue to flock to mobile devices and wearable devices over PCs, and there is no indication this will slow down any time soon.

Second, the term “BYOD” (bring your own device) refers to a growing number of enterprises allowing, if not openly welcoming, employees to connect their personal consumer devices to corporate networks. Similarly, “BYOA” (build your own application), empowers business users to solve problems and create their own solutions. The logic here is that employees are more productive using personal devices or innovative app solutions for work activities, as opposed to waiting for other corporate or IT departments to process requests.

The critical third trend contributing to the perfect storm is the rapid emergence of cloud technologies, allowing users to access files, data, and applications from anywhere, at any time. This increased flexibility offered by the cloud provides context and options for employees on the go, ultimately increasing productivity.

As these trends converge and gain popularity, applications are emerging to address every conceivable need. CIOs have begun developing mobile strategies to quickly take advantage of these trends in order to take the lead in offering differentiated services. The race is on to develop business productivity applications that leverage this mobile platform and promise speed, access to information, faster decision making and streamlined processes — online or offline.

To ensure success when developing for this mobile platform, it’s vital to take a good look at the business applications used and the data generated. Regardless of the industry vertical, businesses are running multiple systems and cloud solutions spread out across the company and need to leverage data from these systems in a united fashion. Tearing down siloes to gain a distinct advantage is a leading contributor in delaying mobile app initiatives.

Ensuring efficiency when creating applications is another key factor for success. Starting from scratch may be an option but a smarter approach might be to look at app platforms that support the “build once, deploy everywhere” method that allows an organization to quickly build applications using responsive design to use everywhere- on any device. This approach accelerates development and streamlines costs, allowing you to do more with less.

Progressing against competitors means mobilizing your devices, your key applications and most importantly, your workforce.

With K2, you can boost productivity from anywhere, on any device. A development platform can help you take advantage of the perfect storm of powerful mobile devices using cloud technologies, along with the growing BYOD and BYOA trends. The ability to quickly create business workflow applications that capitalize on the convenience and power of mobile devices, leverage data from disparate systems and reuse developed components can greatly impact the future success of your business.

“Employees can do in seconds what might otherwise have taken hours, on a mobile device, live in the field,” Wales & West Housing Company said of their experience with K2 business process app solutions.

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