Does Your Organization Have Cockpit Control?

Does Your Organization Have Cockpit Control?

There is a select group of people in the world who can make sense out of a jumbo jet cockpit. To most of us, a cockpit is a confusing jumble of switches, knobs and dials that mean nothing. To those who understand and work in a cockpit, it means everything.

The cockpit allows the pilot to control every aspect of the plane through the life of a flight. Everything from pre-flight checks, through takeoff and flying to landing, are all centrally controlled from one place. All systems that contribute to a safe flight are represented in some fashion in the cockpit through switches, knobs, meters or dials so that the pilot can see and do everything from one seat.

Imagine for a moment if a pilot had to move around a plane to fly it. The steering would be in front, the throttle in the middle and the radio would be in the back of the plane. It would be difficult or impossible for one person to do it all, and as you add more people to the challenge, coordination between those people could compound the problem. That is why so many control points like cockpits, airport control towers and ship bridges bring together all the controls, even if that means a bit of complexity at the focal point.

Managing workflow activities across teams and regions presents similar challenges. Keeping an eye on workflow activities, load, and balancing demand and capacity can be challenging if there isn’t a single place to see and act on everything that is happening. Providing a central management view into workflow activities is critical to smooth and efficient operations.

K2’s management dashboard provides a central view into workflow activities for a process owner or manager. Visibility into tasks, activities and resources allows a process owner to reassign tasks and delegate work items to ensure smooth workflow performance and high customer satisfaction. Much like a jumbo jet cockpit, the process owner can monitor and control all business process activities from a single dashboard to keep things running smoothly.

K2’s management dashboard offers an intuitive user interface for the configuration and management of an organization’s K2 based applications. K2 Management provides a single location for process owners to self-govern their own processes and apps while allowing administrators complete control, from managing environment variables used during package and deployment, to gathering server status insights, and changing core server settings.

For example, an IT system administrator can quickly and easily examine and centrally manage all the workflows, methods, user rights, security, roles, worklists, and authorization settings from a single location. From this management dashboard IT can activate new features such as DocuSign or Box integration, as well as manage token-based authentications — all from a single seat.

Jumbo jet passengers don’t understand or care what happens in the cockpit as long as their trip is safe and comfortable. K2 business users can have the same level of comfort knowing their process owners and IT administrators have cockpit control over their business workflow applications in K2 Management. 

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