Customer Appreciation Thursdays — Meet The LowCoders

If there’s one constant in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, it’s change. 

But successful change doesn’t happen on its own. It starts with individuals who have a vision, a curiosity for innovative technologies and a belief that they can make their companies better than they are today.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking one-on-one with these individuals – the LowCoders – who are making significant transformations within their company by leveraging K2 Software.  You’ll learn what gets them out of bed each morning, follow their journey and understand why they ultimately chose a low-code approach with K2 versus native coding.

Just as the team at K2 is committed to constantly improving our capabilities – from integration across new cloud-based apps to emerging technologies like machine learning and IoT – it’s clear to me that our customers also share this mindset of positive change.

Most notably, our customers are leading the charge when it comes to the low-code movement. In the past, front-end, middle-tier and back-end developers were all required to build business process applications.  As low-code products continue to gain steam and converge to streamline traditional BPM solutions, there is less dependency on native code and skills across the stack.  Instead, drag-and-drop interfaces with reusable components are simplifying business app creation and enabling all levels of tech-savvy individuals to builds applications on their own. It takes a ton of focus to build great software, but the software only truly becomes great when individuals, such as our customers, enable it to deliver value. 

From global manufacturing and logistics to highly regulated industries like financial services, healthcare and pharma, our approach is designed to help customers expedite approvals, meet regulatory requirements, reduce overhead and increase ROI. But don’t take our word for it – stay tuned and read for yourself about how people are using K2 to transform their business.

Are you interested in sharing your K2 story? Let us know – drop a note to, and we’ll be in touch.