Rest in Peace, InfoPath

Rest in Peace, InfoPath Microsoft has finally made the formal announcement that they are no longer investing in InfoPath, saying that "industry trends and feedback from our customers and partners make it clear that today’s businesses demand an intelligent, integrated forms experience that spans devices.”

Here at K2, we couldn’t agree more. We’re delighted to provide our customers with a better option: SmartForms, a forms technology that delivers on all of Microsoft’s listed requirements… and a whole lot more. 

K2 smartforms make it easy for organizations to deliver rich, interactive electronic forms that meet the needs of today's business apps. From web-based forms design to easy data integration across your key systems, K2 smartforms makes these forms accessible and delivers a user experience that your staff and customers expect. Regardless of your IT environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud, K2 smartforms provides an easy, fast and powerful solution to building modern business applications.

Want to learn more about how K2 and SmartForms can improve your business forms experience? View our on-demand webinar, where we’ll teach you how to:

  •        Visually design web-based forms that connect to your LOB systems
  •        Deliver forms seamlessly integrated with SharePoint or that run as standalone applications, or both
  •        Easily integrate your SmartForms with workflow and reporting to deliver business process applications
  •        Build SmartForms connected to cloud and on-premises information in one easy to use form
  •        Access forms from any modern browser regardless of device 

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Want to learn more about K2 smartforms solutions? Visit our forms page for more information on our no-code, drag-and-drop forms for business applications.