IDC and Gartner name K2 among fastest growing BPM vendors

IDC and Gartner name K2 among fastest growing BPM vendors

Over the last few months, analysts IDC and Gartner each released annual vendor share and market snapshot reports, which look at growth across the broader Business Process Management (BPM) space.

These reports analyze which companies are responding best to changing conditions and which companies are innovating in ways that are increasing market share and influence within the field.

With more than 30 percent in annual growth for the last three years, each report found K2 to be the fastest growing among vendors with revenues over $25 million. The analysts attributed that growth to our ability to innovate and provide customers with solutions that adapt to their changing needs in a powerful, fast and agile way.

As with any analyst validation, it’s a great honor, but it also helps us to keep focus. The BPM space is changing — it’s no secret — and fast. We see this as an opportunity to keep the pedal down on innovation and deliver the capabilities our customers need to rapidly build powerful process-driven applications at an affordable price point.

Accolades like this are great, and we look forward to living up to them and earning even more down the line.