How to save 1,100 hours a year in further education

How to save 1,100 hours a year in further education

Everyone knows the Further Education (FE) sector has been working to maintain strict budgets in recent years, with funding for adult learners being cut considerably and reported cuts set to continue for funding for adults and young people. With the general election only a few months away, the FE sector is rightly concerned about to what to expect next. What is clear is that further efficiencies will need to be found, year on year.

Like most FE colleges, Leicester College has faced these and other challenges. They had a number of manual administrative processes, from monitoring of learner attendance to handling of funding applications, that slowed them down.  As these manual processes placed an increasing strain on employee time, the college needed an innovative solution that could save time and money.

Download the Leicester College Case Study here to find out how the college automated processes, enabling them to deliver significant improvements to key internal processes, save a total of 1,100 hours per academic year, and save over 250 hours of processing time.

“All colleges in the FE sector have similar processes and challenges, so many more educational institutions could benefit from K2 in the same way that we have,” said Rob Urquhart, Systems Development Manager at Leicester College.

Register now to join us for a live webinar with the team from Leicester College on 12 March 2015 at 11:00 AM GMT. We will be discussing solutions they’ve implemented, challenges faced and how their lessons can benefit other FE colleges.