K2: The Next Tech Titan!

K2: The Next Tech Titan!

We’re beyond excited to share that today GeekWire announced K2 as one of five finalists for its “Next Tech Titan” award. To be eligible, GeekWire  identifies tech companies “on the cusp of making a very serious dent in the universe.” This is exactly where we feel like we are; in fact, K2 was recently recognized as a Strong Performer by independent research firm, Forrester. Additionally, the growth of K2 following our funding round last year has been at a steady pace seen globally. Customers are increasingly choosing K2 because its low-code solution is the ideal platform for business processes in a simple and replicable way.

Now in its 8th year, the GeekWire Awards is one of the most hotly-anticipated events in the Seattle tech community, bringing together hundreds to celebrate innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s exciting and inspiring to be recognized by GeekWire as a contestant for the next Tech Titan award,” says Adriaan van Wyk, CEO of K2.  “I would add though that in my view, as if not more rewarding to us is customers choosing K2 to help run their business.”

Voting is live and runs through  May 3rd, so go cast your vote for K2 to be named GeekWire’s Next Tech Titan!


“K2 is revolutionizing how companies seamlessly build applications that give deeper insights into businesses processes, from human resources to IT management to data analysis.” - GeekWire

K2’s business process apps platform offers improved agility and business acceleration, increased efficiency, automation and productivity, by bringing together people, systems and information. K2 empowers customers with mobilization of workforce, freedom of deployment (cloud or on-prem), insights for continuous process improvement and analysis, all with the foundation of working with a customer’s existing infrastructure (no rip-and-replace needed) and ability to support futuristic demands.

We are excited to be recognized for our achievements and looking forward to seeing the results on May 12th where the winners will be announced at the GeekWire Awards at EMP Museum in Seattle.