Guy's and St. Thomas' digital healthcare strategy

Guy's and St. Thomas' digital healthcare strategy

While many companies use K2 to improve their processes and eliminate bottlenecks, regulated industries, and healthcare in particular, are where these technologies become more valuable. Going paperless and moving toward a digital healthcare strategy are hot topics in the media and can help patients and doctors alike modernize and improve the quality of systems and data.

Using cutting edge technologies to benefit the healthcare process is something that K2 customers know a lot about. One example is Fast FWD Winner Gary McAllister at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Guy’s and St Thomas’ has digitized their hospital forms to be accessed via a portal being developed by an in-house team.

Fifty iPads and 15 computers-on-wheels were initially deployed for the pilot to ensure clinicians always have necessary hardware on-hand. The trust has also updated all of its Hospedia patient bedside computers, used by clinicians to view the patient’s record and to enter information and observations. This ensures the right information is in the right place at the right time, in the right format.

Scanners allow staff to scan and upload the limited number of specialist paper forms that will still be in use, making it easy for any one of the appropriate staff members (there are over 18,000 in the company) to access data, health forms and important information without needing to rifle through paperwork, allowing the information to flow easily between staff and patients.

But Guy’s and St Thomas’ isn’t the only industry leader using K2 to improve their healthcare processes. Some examples of how the technology can benefit companies worldwide are:

-       Authorizations: Provide better patient care by streamlining the prior authorization process through automating communication and data transfer between practice and payer.

-       Billing: Reduce errors, expedite revenue generation and more efficiently manage billing through workflows that surface relevant data to the right people in the billing process.

-       Care management: Provide people with better information and care, through effective utilization management, case management, disease management, discharge management and independent review.

-       Claims management: capture, route and track claims across their lifecycle to ensure compliance, improve accuracy and reduce operating cost.

For more examples of how K2 and our partners provide better consistency, compliance and collaboration in the healthcare industry, download our healthcare PDF.