Guest Blog Post: Adlib's 50 Shades of Green

Guest Blog Post: Adlib's 50 Shades of Green

My name is Roger Beharry Lall, and I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Adlib. It’s an absolute pleasure to guest post on here today. Having worked with K2 for many years, we often read the informative posts on this blog, and are excited to be able to finally write one to share with you.

I’d like to announce the release of Adlib’s first e-book, 50 Shades of Green

Adlib’s 50 Shades of Green is a parodist take on the bestselling trilogy of a similar name, except ours centers around stories that deal with document-to-PDF conversion and workflow automation for the enterprise. Adlib has a very robust ecosystem of partners, of which K2 is one, that work together to help enterprise organizations to overcome the document-centric challenges they face.

In 50 Shades of Green, Tess Steele, an ECM Architect at a multinational corporation, is having trouble managing her document processes. She meets Christian Green, a mysterious stranger, who claims he can solve her content, document and records management issues using Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF software integrated directly into existing business systems. Many of the chapters deal with how automating workflows and document processes can help improve the efficiency of an organization, which makes it fitting to partner with K2 to promote the book.

If you’re in an organization that deals with hundreds of thousands of documents on a daily basis, you may be coming across some of these challenges:

  • A time-consuming, manual document-to-PDF transformation process that drains resources
  • Trouble achieving document compliance and adhering to internal and external regulations
  • Inability to convert large volumes of documents in an efficient amount of time
  • Poorly rendered documents with missing or inaccurate content
  • Unsearchable text within your documents

Check out 50 Shades of Green to learn how these issues can be streamlined and resolved with automated document conversion software and integrated workflows.

Adlib’s robust document-to-PDF conversion technology works with K2’s workflows, enabling organizations to gain critical efficiencies in high-volume environments where accurate, scalable and highly-available business processes are required. Together, we pack a powerful punch. 50 Shades of Green helps to paint a narrative picture around this concept. Download chapter 3 from the e-book to learn more about how automated document conversion and workflow can help enterprise organizations to improve content, document and records management. 

I’ll leave you with this trailer we created for 50 Shades of Green. It brings document-centric problems to a whole new level. Enjoy!