K2 and CRM - an Interview with Gean Martinez at Infinity Info Systems

K2 and CRM - an Interview with Gean Martinez at Infinity Info Systems

Part of what makes K2 great is the ability to partner with amazing technical minds who help us expand what we know about how to use K2 to solve business challenges in innovative ways. Gean Martinez, Manager of Development at Infinity Info Systems, a K2 partner, is one of those people with such a mind. Read the Q&A below to learn more about how Gean has used K2 to benefit his customers and dispute impossible.

Tell us about your background.

I’ve been at Infinity for 9 years. I started as a Junior Developer and moved my way up through the ranks to my current position as Manager of Development. While my role is to manage the team, it’s also important for me to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies and make sure best practices are used while our team goes through the development life cycle.

I also get involved from an architecture perspective – if there are complex problems that our clients have, I have a good knack for solving those challenges using the array of leading technologies, including K2, which Infinity leverages.

What are some creative ways you’re using K2 to solve client concerns?

Infinity has focused on CRM solutions for over 27 years with industry expertise in financial services, manufacturing and life sciences, representing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Saleslogix. Typically, CRM solves the core of the challenges our clients face, however they need to apply that technology to their specific business processes. They want to customize things or replicate processes across other lines of business, but don't want to go through a large development cycle. That’s one problem that K2 solves with smartforms technology –the rapid deployment makes a difference by saving weeks and months on the development end.

Clients then typically move to the next phase of  “what’s next” to solve. They want to take the data found in CRM and integrate it with accounting systems, for example. How do I pull in records from an Excel spreadsheet or just another database? K2 does that very well with smartobjects and the ability to write custom brokers.

Writing customer brokers was a big part of the amazing blog post you wrote about using K2 with SData Service Broker for SalesLogix. How did this idea come about?

Our requirements were to find something we can use out there that doesn't care what the backend is or what CRM system you’re using. We needed technology that could provide robust and rapid deployment of forms, as well as being configurable without coding, since some of our clients are knowledgeable and want to be able to change things themselves. I think it really caught our attention with the release of smartforms.

And the workflow aspect of it all is something we’re definitely interested in, because we see business problems as challenges – challenges that need solutions, and that’s not something that’s necessarily a technology solution. Our experiences with smartforms have shown that K2 has the ability to solve these challenges.

And it sounds like you are constantly creating new opportunities to go above and beyond for your clients with K2.

 Yes, definitely. Coming from a development and architect background, I am able to understand exactly what is going on behind the curtain with K2, and that’s how we started really thinking outside the box in the last year or so: we used K2 with Saleslogix and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To learn more about what Gean and Infinity are doing with K2, head over to Gean’s K2-focused blog, k2foryou.wordpress.com or follow him on Twitter at @gino_martino.