Future of Work: \n Transforming Finance and Accounting Processes

The way we work is changing rapidly. Across all business segments and functions, the way that we get things done is undergoing massive transformations and including more and more digital actions as tasks and processes are automated so that workers can remain focused on the things that are most important. After all, 90-percent of respondents to a recent MIT Sloan Management Review survey believe digital technologies will impact their sector.

Accounting and financial professionals are no strangers to this transformation. According to a 2014 CEB survey, 81-percent of finance leaders from 264 large companies said they were engaged in major finance redesigns – this was already prevalent a few years ago. Clearly, financial operations departments and organizations have been facing more pressure than ever to identify gaps in their financial frameworks to better manage budgets and costs. Enterprise systems help, but they have limitations.

As a result, it can be difficult and cumbersome to leverage the data in enterprise systems for performance tracking and analysis. In a perfect world, organizational systems are interconnected, working seamlessly across the enterprise. But the reality is that these systems evolve in silos and are not designed to interconnect without the help of expensive ERP installations or custom development. This means that delivering apps that enable all of an organization to work together interconnecting data and business processes seems hard and expensive.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. K2 helps you digitally transform your business so you can stay out of paperwork chaos and focus on more important things. By bringing the best of low-code and business process together, K2 applications maximize the efficiency of human resources by eliminating errors and confusion, reducing workload, providing visibility and saving time and money.

If you’re suffering from broken or slow processes, paper cuts or carpal tunnel from too much data entry – I highly suggest you join our next webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern. Our webinar, Future of Work: Accounting and Invoicing, will show you how the complete K2 platform can help you centralize vendors, automate approvals, validate information and manage your systems of record.

You’ll also hear real-world use cases about how companies have implemented K2 to automate and transform their accounting and invoicing processes and discovered massive productivity gains and capital savings.

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