Design for Disruption — The Case for Design Thinking in BPM


In July we had the privilege of collaborating with special guest, Clay Richardson of Forrester Research Inc, to discuss the importance of embracing business technology trends to deliver next-generation business process solutions. 

In this webinar, Clay discusses the importance of integrating design-thinking principles into business process management (BPM), as it moves from a back-office enabler to driving more customer-centric interactions. These principles, taken from his recent Forrester Report “Design for Disruption: Take an Outside-In Approach to BPM,” place a spotlight on: 

  • Designing for interactions
  • Delivering context with work
  • Developing empathy for customers
  • Applying abductive reasoning

K2 also sheds light on how business application platforms empower organizations to make better decisions — with apps that connect experience and process design. With K2, these user-centric solutions are rapidly built, easily adapted and powerful enough to scale across business systems. Check out the recorded session above to learn how you can embrace these trends to improve design and deliver results.  For those who are interested we’ve also made Clay’s paper, “Design for Disruption: Take an Outside-In Approach to BPM,” available online.  Fill out this form to download the report: