Forrester 2015 Predictions report, free from K2

Forrester 2015 Predictions report, free from K2

According to Forrester, the top priorities for BPM initiatives in 2014 focused on two things: extending mission-critical business processes to support the mobile workforce and redesigning business processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Forrester also noticed a growing appetite among companies to move business-critical processes into the cloud using BPM platform-as-a-service solutions.

In 2015, BPM will fight to expand its relevance in the front office and needs to shed serious weight to better align with the age of customer imperatives that prioritize speed-to-market over analysis and complexity – traditional hallmarks of the BPM discipline and software solutions. K2 is always focused on customer needs, both B2B and B2C, and is pleased to be featured in this Forrester report.

In the 2015 Predictions Report, "The age of the customer is set to disrupt the BPM market," Forrester’s Clay Richardson and Craig Le Clair talk about how customer obsession – the relentless focus on winning, retaining and serving customers – will disrupt and reshape the entire ecosystem for BPM.

The focus on all things customer is causing companies to look for agile, flexible technologies to improve processes that “directly or indirectly touch customers or shape customer experience.” The new vehicles for delivery are “‘low-code’ platforms, new engagement architectures and cloud-based work orchestration.”

K2 is offering this paper, valued at $499, completely free for you. Download the report to learn why all “enterprise architects and business process leaders should add this emerging category [low-code vendors] to their shortlists of hot new technologies to watch,” and why K2 is the choice for your organization.