K2’s Process Automation Solution Award Winners

K2’s Process Automation Solution Award Winners

More than 100 attendees representing leading organizations from across Europe gathered at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey, England for K2’s Customer Day. The event featured deep insights on innovative approaches to digital process automation (DPA) with real-life examples of best-of-breed K2 solution implementations. It also showcased discussions around planned next steps for scaling automation efforts.

The day allowed attendees take their turn at an immersive driving experience and also featured a panel discussion with K2 customers from North of England Commissioning Support (NECS), Cummins, Angel Trains and the Welsh Government. Andrew Robson, Business Process Automation Lead with NECS, provided an overview of how they have deployed automated administration processes on K2 to streamline time-consuming tasks, which they estimate will save them upwards of £205,000 annually.

Said Robson, “In the past, our rail travel and accommodation request processes used to take 23 minutes, whereas they now take just 6 minutes. We have, on average, 2,500 rail and hotel booking requests a year from users, so taking into account average salaries, we estimate that K2 saves £45,000 a year on these two process automations alone.”

K2 Customer Solution Legend Awards

Perhaps the most important moment of the day, however, was giving out our very first K2 Customer Solution Legend Awards for Europe, celebrating the innovations and technical and business successes that our customers are achieving with the K2 platform. We received an abundance of submissions and use cases, with the following winners selected across several categories:

Most Innovative Use of the K2 Platform Award

Recognizing ways customers have used K2 to build a process automation solution that solves a real-world business problem and gives their business a leading edge.

Winner — Peka Kroef

Peka Kroef, which specializes in fresh chilled potato products, has created a growers portal, with assistance from K2 partner Thysia, that enables improved cooperation between the company and potato farmers. This substantially reduces administrative workload and allows better insights into the progress of potato growth. The solution makes use of barcode scanning, offline forms, GPS tracking for field data and enables farmers to upload and annotate pictures relating to the growth of produce.

Winner — Wales and West Housing Association

Wales and West Housing Association (WWHA), a leading housing provider in Wales, used K2, with assistance from K2 partner Velocity, to create an application that enables their 50-strong team of engineers to conduct gas and electric surveys throughout their properties. One of the challenges WWHA faced in their area was lack of internet connectivity, particularly in rural areas. Their solution makes use of offline forms, and integrates with their CRM and SharePoint, which means surveys can be conducted when there is no connectivity and then immediately processed once connected to the internet. This innovative use of K2 has made the process of supplying gas certificates more efficient.

Best Business Benefits Award

Recognizing ways customers use K2 for business application planning to solve a business problem and contribute towards meeting their business objectives.

Winner — Cummins

Cummins, a global power leader, widely uses K2 to build out global business applications. Some of the benefits these solutions have delivered are:

  • A solution that reduced the time for onboarding new customers from 6 weeks to 10 days
  • An HR training solution that enables registration for courses in a matter of seconds, down from 10 minutes.
  • A material planning app that avoided external spreadsheet usage, ensuring reduced cycle times and leading to significant cost savings.
Digital Transformation

Recognizing an industry leader putting forward the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the market, which are successfully implemented and made fully functional for ambitious and meaningful outcomes.

Winner — Shoosmiths

UK law firm Shoosmiths' goal was to transform their business by digitizing their work, enabling staff to work in a truly agile way and reflecting the changing patterns of work across the different generations employed at Shoosmiths. Multiple K2-based solutions contributed significantly to achieving this objective. Shoosmiths has digitized most of their information assets and facilitated the introduction of agile working in which no employee is tied to a desk/location/time to work. In the words of Shane Scott, IS Director, Shoosmiths "Work becomes an activity you undertake, not a place you go to."

Best Technical Solution Award

Recognizing a solution where K2 assisted in achieving digitization and automation that has challenged an organization’s traditional norms and succeeded. These solutions support challenging usage volume, offer fail-over mechanisms for high availability, or innovate and integrate with a third-party component in a smart way.

Winner — Fidelity International

The TechHub Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for all Fidelity users globally, offering them a self-serve portal for most of the services they need on a daily basis. This portal allows users access to 20+ services within the organization, which includes software installation, mailbox creation, mailbox quota increase, account unlocks, hardware requests, restricted sites access and much more. The solutions were built almost entirely using out-of-the-box K2 components and integrate with SharePoint, Active Roles, Novel IAM, ServiceNow, BlackBerry API, Microsoft Graph API, SMS Gateway and Avaya API.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions also go to the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Edinburgh Napier University, who addressed key workflow issues in their organization, such as streamlining how student mental health is addressed in the United Kingdom.

The K2 Customer Solutions Awards were indeed illuminating, revealing the vast array of solutions put forth by some of our most visionary customers in what will become an annual recognition program to help further highlight what is being done with the K2 platform.

K2 Customer Days will continue in the U.S. this year with stops in Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Detroit, and Chicago. To find out more about these events and register to attend, or to find other K2 events in your area, please visit www.k2.com/resources/events.