Fidelity International – TechHub Toolbox - An App that Delivers a Self-Service Portal for Employees

Fidelity International – TechHub Toolbox - An App that
Delivers a Self-Service Portal for Employees

As a customer since 2015 Fidelity International, a provider of investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers, has been a model of how to successfully expand the K2 platform as a solution, initially to support Microsoft SharePoint, to one that is a crucial facet of Business Process Automation throughout the company. Indeed, K2 is used today across several business units including technology, finance, HR, and marketing, corporate affairs and more. Currently, the company has in upwards of 75 solutions deployed and 230 workflow processes that have been delivered by teams based in the UK, India and China.

At K2 we see a growing demand for automation driven by a general skills shortage in the market, to ensure employees are focused on delivering outcomes appropriate to their roles and not being encumbered through operational matters and repetitive data entry. The following Fidelity story is a great example of this.

So, what have been the keys to Fidelity’s success?

As technical consultants Steve Collins and Nizar Ghribi from Fidelity International began to realize the power of the K2 platform, they saw firsthand how complex workflow requirements could be addressed in several different ways.

Mr. Collins stated, “This was part of the challenge that we initially faced. We spent a lot of time coming up with a Fidelity-specific design and development guidelines, which has become the cornerstone of our governance process. This certainly helped us turn the corner with the initial challenges we were faced with.”

Having a design and development guide has been especially beneficial in the onboarding of new users across the globe to ensure that they have consistency in how new projects are approached.

The Fidelity team has also found that 99% of what is requested from stakeholders can be implemented with out-of-the-box K2 functionality without any need to do any custom development. With K2’s low code approach, they get all the functionality required without having to go down a costly and time-consuming developer-centric path.

Solution Overview – TechHub Toolbox

“This project started out as an idea of Nizar’s, to build a portal where we could deliver technology services to our customers with a single tool. Nizar came up with the idea to build the toolbox, and it’s really gone from strength to strength over the last few years. We have over twenty services, over 10,000 unique users and receive nearly six thousand visits per month with over one hundred thousand requests serviced by the various modules of the portal.”

The TechHub Toolbox is essentially a one-stop-shop for all Fidelity users globally, offering a self-serve portal for most of the services they need daily. This portal grants users access to over 20 services within the organization, including –

  • Software installation
  • Mailbox creation
  • Mailbox quota increase
  • Distribution list management
  • Account unlocks
  • Hardware requests
  • Restricted sites access
  • Microsoft Teams creation
  • PowerBI access
  • New joiner process

TechHub Toolbox Self-Service Kiosk app – Top Level View

The solutions were built almost entirely using out-of-the-box K2 components and integrate with SharePoint, Active Roles, Novel IAM, ServiceNow, BlackBerry API, Microsoft Graph API, SMS Gateway and Avaya API among many others.

A key element of the TechHub Toolbox is its integration with third-party SaaS vendor ServiceNow, which provides IT support for asset and license management as well as helpdesk operations. Steve went on to say, “Something we’re constantly asked about is the ServiceNow integration. We’re users of ServiceNow, but the value of what K2 allows us to do is present end users with a way of raising tickets in a very easy and guided way.”

Also accessible via iPads at various physical IT management locations throughout the company, tickets are raised in ServiceNow quickly and easily by end-users without the need for second-guessing and keying in unnecessary information.

open a ticket k2

ServiceNow Integration

Additionally, nearly all requests made with the toolbox can be made on behalf of somebody else. Prior to K2 and this solution, the process of fulfillment notification and resolution via ServiceNow could take days, whereas now with improved workflow it can be completed in a matter of hours.

ServiceNow Integration

TechHub Toolbox Self-Service Kiosk app – Access Management

The Access Management component of the toolbox is a prime example of how K2 integrates with key services used by Fidelity International. For instance, it uses Avaya for password reset management and relies on Blackberry’s API’s to unlock devices.

As a recent winner of our UK Best Technical Solution award which recognizes organizations that built K2 solutions with the intent of challenging traditional norms and achieving digitization and automation, the TechHub Toolbox is a prime example of how out of the box functionality can create a feature-rich self-service portal.

About Fidelity International

Fidelity International provides world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers. As a private company, they invest for the long term and are responsible for total client assets of £317.1 billion from over 2.4 million clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.