Featured case studies: Lorentzen & Stemoco and Metalor

Featured case studies: Lorentzen & Stemoco and Metalor

All across the world, K2 is being implemented in companies and changing the way they do business. Two of these companies, Metalor and Lorentzen & Stemoco, recently shared their impressive stories with us.

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Metalor: Using K2, Metalor has succeeded in fully automating its capital expenditure process and dramatically simplifying what was a highly complex and time-consuming procedure. Whereas it used to take up to three months for expenditure on a new capital item to be approved, this can now often be accomplished in a week. “There is a standard process for capital expenditure now,” said Jean-Philippe. “And, if we have a financial audit, all of the information is in one place, so we can easily demonstrate good financial control.”

Lorentzen and Stemoco: Following the deployment of K2-based workflows at Lorentzen & Stemoco, the organisation’s core business processes became more efficient. Employees no longer waste time handling paper documents, retyping information or searching for the latest versions of contracts. This improved productivity enables the organisation to be far more responsive to its clients and provide a better quality of service.

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