Featured Case Studies: Dalkia and North Yorkshire Council

Featured Case Studies: Dalkia and North Yorkshire Council

To start off the month, we have two new case studies to feature on the blog, both from our Europe team, covering the government and energy/environmental sectors. Read the short blurbs below for more information on North Yorkshire Council and Dalkia, then visit the specific pages to learn more and download the case studies.

North Yorkshire Council: “K2 was really easy to use,” said Nick Smith, lead developer at North Yorkshire Council. “Every time we designed a new process we took it to the HR team and showed them exactly how it would work. They could then check it and sign it off before it went live.” 

The deployment of K2 processes formed part of a wider transformation of the council’s HR function. As such it required a substantial investment in time for change management and employee communication. However, the project achieved excellent results.

Dalkia: “It used to take around a week for POs to be raised,” said Filip Legény, IT project manager at Dalkia in Slovakia. “If everyone is at his or her desk, the approval of a PO can now be achieved in as little as 10 minutes.”

The most significant benefit of the K2-based business workflow is the improvement in customer service.When engineers fill in PO request forms electronically, they are given a drop-down box of approved components and products, and the correct part numbers are automatically applied. Therefore, items can be sourced more promptly, enabling customer projects to go ahead on schedule.  

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