Fast FWD Challenge winners: Marketform

Fast FWD Challenge winners: Marketform

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In 2013, K2 announced the first ever Fast FWD Challenge, looking for K2 customers who have been doing extraordinary things with K2 software. Winners were selected amongst dozens of submissions from K2 customers worldwide on account of their success in building powerful applications quickly and easily in an age where business is moving faster than ever.

Our first winners are Murray Macdonald and Daniel Blackwell at Marketform. Marketform is an Insurance Syndicate operating within the Lloyd’s Insurance Market in London.  It has 160 employees and its ultimate parent company is the American Financial Group. Marketform underwrote approximately £150M of premium in 2013 over 14 different classes of insurance including Medical Malpractice, Accident & Health, Livestock, Cargo and Terrorism.  

An initial project was undertaken to establish a new single business process that would be followed by all Underwriting Teams that would provide the framework to expand whilst ensuring the quality and completeness of the existing Underwriting Teams remained. The solution integrates K2 Workflow & Case Management with the company’s main Underwriting System (via Web Services) and Document Management System (SharePoint) within a WPF Client. Workflows are initiated directly from events within the Underwriting System and Document Management System as well as via the client application.

Marketform undertakes regular audits of its policies by external reviewers and previously this would involve a lot of time from the Underwriting teams to collate the requested information from the disparate systems to give to the reviewers. Prior to K2, Marketform employees had to wade through a number of systems in order to get a complete view of policy information. With K2, employees have full visibility into customers and policies -- allowing them to make better decisions faster. Now, the external reviewers can have direct access to the information and only contact the Underwriting teams if they have queries.

Murray and Daniel came out to Las Vegas for the K2 User Conference to accept their award and tell us more about their K2 solution. Watch the video above for more information about how they used K2 to improve Marketform processes, and read the press release over on their website. 

Congrats to Murray Macdonald and Daniel Blackwell on being K2's first Fast FWD Challenge winners!