K2 Wins Integrated Software Solution at Director of Finance Awards

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Managing the spend, income, compliance, suppliers and financial reporting, the Finance function has significant pressure to use data efficiently and ensure correct processes are adhered to and appropriate decisions are made.  Many Finance functions have spent massively on their ERP platforms and continue to struggle to recognise the full value as well as adapt to the changing needs of the business.

A core strategy for K2 has been to offer agility around these critical but cumbersome platforms by sharing the information in them through integrated applications.  These connect cross functional processes that reach out of the core set of ERP users for purposes such as approvals, reporting, audit, task management etc., making it available to stakeholders via desktops and mobile devices across the business. 

On 14th July Director of Finance http://www.dofonline.co.uk/ held their annual awards ceremony where K2 entered for and won the category of Integrated Software Solution of the Year having proven value against the following assessment criteria:

  • Solution that can be tailored and personalised to a client’s key needs
  • Solution that can partner with a client’s existing software in a seamless manner
  • Encourages open and transparent data sharing across software providers
  • Software that puts clients first
  • Examples of service provision above expectations – key added value
  • Testimonials from FDs
  • Impact on the market
  • Approach to target market
  • Successful strategy implementation
  • Financial/operational benefit secured for clients
  • Impact on the industry