Customers find pain relief and a whole lot more

Kinross Gold Corporation
Kinross Gold Corporation, Canada’s third-largest gold producer, looked to K2 and Partner Caprivi Solutions for help managing its capital expenditure request process.

With that original challenge solved, it has now deployed K2 business apps to automate a dozen other processes. It doesn’t struggle with manual processes and custom-coded solutions anymore, and users can complete tasks from any mobile device.

“With every new application we release, we get more requests from other mines and departments asking if we could do the same for them,” said Chris Fraidakis, program manager at Kinross Gold Corporation. 

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Dhurakij Pundit University
One of the oldest private universities in Thailand, Dhurakij Pundit University needed a better way to manage its most painful process — budget approvals.

Now it uses K2 business apps for more than 100 processes, and thousands of users no longer struggle with slow turnaround times, lost information or lack of compliance. Process time has been reduced from weeks to days, and overall efficiency has improved across the organization. 

“These processes will be faster to execute and, most important, users will be happy using K2,” said Darika Lathapipat, vice president, finance and administration at DPU. 

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Nice-Pak, an international manufacturer of wet wipes and other products, used K2 for apps that cut delivery time of its artwork process by 50 percent.

Now it has automated many of its other core business workflows, so it can say goodbye to the days of passing around physical, paper-based documents and manually collecting signatures.

“We now intend to use K2 to automate many more of our business workflows. By using K2 to further improve our internal process efficiency, we will be able to offer a really high-quality service for our customers,” said Robin Bleasdale, CIO at Nice-Pak. 

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