Future of Work: Customer Management

The customer is king! Every business relies on customers of all types, and managing those relationships is incredibly important. Hence the reason CRM tools like Salesforce and Dynamics CRM have grown so popular to ensure that your customers get the best experience possible. However, managing those customer relationships and the many engagements you have with them can be cumbersome and complicated.

Despite the many digital tools that exist – there are a lot of companies that still rely on paperwork and paper-based processes to manage customer experiences. And the longer paper processes are used, the harder it becomes to digitize within an organization.

This is where low-code platforms drive impact, as it enables faster development of applications that can drive transformation within businesses. And when those capabilities are mixed with process automation expertise, you get a platform like K2. This provides a quick and efficient way to automate business operations, so you have more time to focus on providing the best possible client services. Business apps can, for example, give you an easy, paperless way to manage customer relationships.

Join us on Wednesday (March 15) at 9am PT for a webinar that is all focused-on customer and contract management. We’ll show you how easy it is to build apps that help you centralize and automate messy, paper-based processes and how business apps can help you:

  • Build workflows that work with LOB system information across your organization to simplify contract creation, review and approval process.
  • Compile customer information across disparate systems into a single view.
  • Gain greater visibility into the customer management process through the use of dynamic reports and dashboards.
  • And more!
Register today to reserve your spot and learn more about how the K2 platform can be used to automate many other business needs, including quote to cash and invoice processing.