Calculate the business value of time in your law firm

Calculate the business value of time in your law firm

Time is a valuable commodity in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace and yet many senior partners still spend far too much of it on administrative tasks. Instead, they should be spending their time focusing on business strategy and serving clients. All too often, the hub of the problem lies in technology that is difficult to access, making enterprise information management complicated as users struggle to bring together and deliver information scattered across multiple systems.

Cutting costs to improve profits:

What if you had a system that could talk to all of your current systems and make it easy to bring together information stored in different places. Even better, what if that same system could then automate your document-intensive processes and improve enterprise information management across your organization by delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, on the device of their choice? The Canadian Bar Association reports that there are several hidden costs that put a significant dent in law firms’ profits, including under utilizing workflow management software. The article goes on to talk about how a majority of legal staff are still performing tasks manually when they should be automated. With law firms constantly looking for ways to cut costs while continuing to retain clients and grow their business, this is definitely food for thought. More efficient services will directly benefit clients, as well as prove huge savings in time and costs as staff get more time back to focus on the things that really matter.

So, how do you go about making your enterprise information management processes more efficient?

When considering systems that can automate these processes, agility is one of the key factors. Many systems are difficult and code-intensive to implement, and can cause more upfront disruption than they’re worth. A low-code platform that is easy to implement and update as the needs of the business change will help you keep up with the quickly changing market. It should also be scalable and able to span the systems you already have in place.

Put simply, a low-code, agile platform that automates your enterprise information management processes will enable your internal staff to:

- Access critical information at any time from any device.

- Automate and speed up case management processes.

- Automate and streamline new matter intake processes.

- Simplify other business processes through forms and workflows that incorporate line-of-business information from cloud and on-premises systems across your organization.

Valued fee earners in law firms are spending time on administration that could be put to more profitable use. The right technology such as a low code platform can automate the flow of information to staff-members on any device and significantly speed up collaboration and approval cycles, cutting down hidden costs of manual, inefficient processes and increasing client satisfaction with improved case-handling.