Build and run SharePoint workflow apps

Build and run SharePoint workflow apps

Despite the addition of new features, workflow in SharePoint 2013 remains limited in many scenarios. This forces organisations to spend time and resources on customisation for almost all workflow applications, creating an impact on customer needs as the demand for custom forms, workflow and access to data increases in order to drive business value within SharePoint 2013 and O365.

This leads to an increase in challenges faced by organisations when building SharePoint workflow applications, and they end up with applications they did not envision. Some key challenges include:

  • Building initiation and task forms beyond standard SharePoint forms is now a development exercise.
  • Integrating line-of-business systems into your workflow solutions is a highly technical exercise.
  • Error reporting is limited and recovery is in most cases not possible.
  • Managing hybrid, on premises and cloud environments or planning for migration is incredibly difficult.

You can download our full whitepaper, “Build and run reliable SharePoint workflow apps,” to learn about further challenges and solutions for your organisation within this space. If you are an IT owner, SharePoint Architect or SharePoint Developer, you can reap significant benefits by building business applications with K2 for SharePoint.

For your convenience, we have compiled tailored whitepapers where you can learn about alternatives available to you and your organisation when using K2 for SharePoint. You can grab these white papers here:

Want to try it for yourself?

SharePoint has changed forever. If you have been involved in or are looking to start building or investing in workflow-based apps within SharePoint, join us for a live demo on 24 February 2015 at 11:00 AM GMT where we will show you how this is done, and then take our K2 challenge to try it out for yourself.

Results to this competition will be posted in a follow-up blog on the blog page – so please visit us again after the demo to see if you’re featured.