The Future of Work: Best of BPM and Low-Code

The pressure of doing business grows every day and IT organizations feel it just as intensely, if not more so, as any other departments in an organization. Customer demands for faster, more engaging experiences are pushing businesses to do things differently, which in turn is creating insurmountable backlogs for IT.

However, IT no longer has to suffer these burdens alone. Instead, with the right tools they are now able to extend capabilities back into the business so non-technical resources can self-service these requests and limit the growth of app backlogs, and in many cases, help to reduce the backlog by building and deploying process apps without the help of IT or limited development resources. How is this possible? By mixing the best of BPM and low-code in a single platform, K2. With low-code app development, IT departments can offload some of the development work back onto the business. And since K2 is steeped in best-of-BPM practices, customers can be sure that the platform is robust enough to handle any process or workflow, no matter how simple or complex.

Next week we’re hosting a webinar all about how you can get the best of BPM and low-code in the K2 platform. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve low-code scalability and the power of BPM.
  • Empower the business to do more on their own with a low-code platform, while also giving IT the power to build complex solutions.
  • Solve both simple and complex business problems with one platform.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what role you play in your organization. K2 can be used to automate business processes across any organization, including contract management, HR onboarding, financial operations, and many more.

Register for the webinar now! And if you’re unable to attend, we will send you a link to the recording after it’s over.