Best of 2014: Top Enterprise Blogs

Best of 2014: Top Enterprise Blogs
2014 has been a great year here at K2. From great events to new product releases, customer stories to informative webinars, we’ve stayed busier than ever. 
But sometimes, when you’re busy, a few things slip by. Here’s our wrap-up of some of the best blogs we’ve posted this year in the BPM world. Visit any of the links below to read, watch and learn more about what were doing, where we’re going and how we can take you to new heights of success.
Top three blogs
  1. 5 Reasons to Build Business Apps with Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a great customer relationship management platform that allows you to build a variety of customer-focused solutions. But, by combining K2’s enterprise business process capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have the opportunity to deliver business applications that span the enterprise. Learn a few of the benefits you’ll receive by combining K2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. K2 + Healthcare:  Healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to expand coverage and enhance their quality of service, and technology solutions like K2 can make a real difference, fast. Learn how K2 can help streamline hospital operations.
  3. Three ways to extend SFDC in your organization: Many sales and marketing departments live and breathe Salesforce, but it’s unlikely that this is the only information they need to perform their day-to-day tasks. Find out three ways to extend Salesforce with the help of K2.

What blogs did you love in 2014?