Automating new client intake – 7 ways to get senior management approval

Automating new client intake – 7 ways to get senior management approval

Central to the viability of any law firm, new matter intake occurs at a point when the client is free to go elsewhere, so it’s important to get it right.

Follow our seven tips and help steer senior management to a new client intake automation strategy that will transform productivity and increase revenue.

1.   Emphasize the productivity gains of automation

Automating new matter intake promises to deliver significant efficiencies, so make sure you emphasize and quantify the projected productivity gains. Streamlined new client intake gets fee earners started on casework sooner and reduces the admin burden. That means increased productivity, with lower costs and improved client satisfaction and retention.

2.   Build a complete picture of Return On Investment (ROI)

Productivity improvements translate into revenue gains, and these should be balanced against a full account of the time and resources required for implementation. Don’t get lost in the technical detail – lead on the benefits and demonstrate strategic acumen in your understanding of the business value of new technology, to give senior managers confidence in the projected ROI.

3.   Reassure senior management that processes can be customized

Today’s automated legal processes deliver great benefits, but every business is different. Choose a system with strong customization capabilities and make sure senior management is aware of how easily it will flex to the firm’s needs.

4.   Deliver a vision of real-time decision-making

IT places great emphasis on integration, but visibility across the business can be more important for senior management. Make sure you highlight the impact of today’s platforms on decision-making – with centralized dashboards that provide personalized and real-time pictures of workload and task lists, as well as alerts and notifications of specific developments.

5.   Tune into collaborative thinking and work practices

As new cases progress, individuals and departments across the law firm will need to enter and access data at different stages. Make your senior managers aware of the benefits that today’s Web-based platforms and digitized information deliver - making new client intake information accessible whenever it is needed by both internal staff and external stakeholders.

6.   Compliance and confidentiality

Today’s legal IT systems are built on best practices across the profession. Within your law firm, those systems provide a backbone of permission-based processes and compliance processes that you can customize. Automated processes guide staff-members through new-matter-and-client-intake and conflict-checking workflows, and generate an audit trail so firms can fix problems quickly.

7.   Find a senior manager to sponsor your cause

Finding a credible business sponsor at senior level who will support your automation project will improve your chances of success immeasurably. Choose a sponsor who understands the technology well, and who can identify and articulate the benefits that are of greatest interest to the firm. A sponsor will garner support from the rest of senior management on your behalf.

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