AIIM Report: Case Management and Smart Process Apps

AIIM Report: Case Management and Smart Process Apps

A recent AIIM case management survey discussing the limitations of traditional case management systems reported that 45% of respondents use customizations, workarounds, add-ons or entirely manual processes to manage cases, and 32% say a better system would improve productivity.

BPM-derived Smart Process Applications represent a new opportunity to apply adaptive, intelligent workflow solutions to solve the major challenges in managing complex cases and improving customer experiences, according to the findings in the latest AIIM industry watch ‘Case Management and Smart Process Applications’.

Smart Process Applications (SPAs), Intelligent Business Processes and Adaptive BPM are all terms applied to a new generation of applications that use computer intelligence to extract context-relevant information from the content associated with a business process, and use it to select, modify or re-direct the next steps in the workflow. One of its primary applications is in case management, the focus for this research.

The 30-page report takes an in-depth look at the applicability of SPAs, the experience of early users, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system.  Some key findings include:

·       <!--[endif]-->For 51% of the organizations polled, half or more of their business processes are not straightforward or predictable.

·       <!--[endif]-->Increasing customer expectations for speed of response is the biggest pain point for those surveyed (44%).

·       <!--[endif]-->58% consider their case handling system to be vital or very important to their customer experience management. For 67%, it is vital or very important for legal and regulatory compliance.

Respondents with adaptive and intelligent workflows, such as those that SPAs provide, reported that the biggest benefits they experience are:

·      <!--[endif]-->Faster and more consistent customer response.

·      <!--[endif]-->Faster end-to-end process times.

·      <!--[endif]-->Greater ease in responding to regulatory change.

K2 is offering this AIIM industry report, ‘Case Management and Smart Process Applications’, free of charge. For more information, download the report here.