5 ways to improve your law firm’s client relationships using technology

5 ways to improve your law firm’s client relationships using technology

Taking time to get your business process mapping right can dramatically increase efficiencies within your law firm, freeing up your fee earners to focus their valuable skill set on client work. A 2013 study found that more than half of clients who switched legal providers cited inefficiencies within the firm as the main reason. Implementing modern technology to enhance your business process mapping can also provide opportunities for further client interaction with your services. For example, you can make available a secure client login area which documents the current progress of each case and allows clients to leave additional notes or requests.

So how can technology be used to improve client relationships?

Optimize efficiency

The time your firm can save by successfully automating its processes and improving its business process mapping will, in turn, leave more time for client work. Software can help you optimize your business processes and achieve significant efficiency gains.

Click here to watch a TED talk on simplifying business processes.

Reducing time spent on administration

Administration is an unavoidable reality in any business, but when fee earners spend more than an hour a day on this type of work, law firms have a real problem on their hands. Administration can seriously cut down the time available for casework and clients. When should legal professionals stop wasting time on administration and focus on their core work? Business process mapping technology can help eliminate administrative inefficiency, and give fee earners more time to focus on client needs.

Managing client relationships

CRM software is continually evolving, and can support law firms in a number of ways as they manage their client relationships. Legal professionals can link their calendar tool to CRM systems, for example, triggering them to engage with their clients in a specified way.

Client collaboration

Providing a secure online login area for clients will cut down the time legal staff spend on administration. Clients can update their details on your CRM system, and fill in forms online that were previously printed.

Around 80% of firms see technology as a client differentiator. Adopting the latest technologies will keep you ahead of the competition.

Offering transparency to your clients

Aside from providing a means of client collaboration, technology can also provide another communication channel with clients, as well as a valuable sense of transparency. The 2014 Law Firms in Transition survey noted the importance of “binding” clients to the firm, and one way of achieving this is to improve visibility from the clients’ point of view, by measuring past performance in similar cases, for example.

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