Three Ways K2 Can Help Out James Bond

Saving the world is a tough job – even for someone like James Bond. What you may not see behind his smooth talking and impeccably dressed demeanor is the growing pile of paperwork, liability and regulations he and his team has to deal with. That’s why K2 thought of three ways for James Bond to use our products to guarantee more efficient missions and cost savings for the British Secret Intelligence Service.

  1. Damage control: Have you noticed that James Bond crashes a lot of cars and shoots a lot of people? If he used K2 mobile, he would be able to easily document all his incurred damage and the endless number of forms that go along with it. For example, he could use the barcode controls to scan a UPC code and pre-populate all information into a form, making it easy to keep data organized for incident management. There’s even an annotation feature that he can use to add notes to his images – just in case it’s unclear what kind of damage has been inflicted (example below.)

  2. Admin relief: If we’re all being honest, the real hero of James Bond’s missions is his admin team. In addition to keeping track of all his expenses (Aston Martins and Vesper martinis, anyone?), they constantly have to grant him access to systems when he’s breaking into secret facilities, all while making sure his own security isn’t compromised by the enemy. With the help of K2’s management dashboard, which offers a centralized and easy-to-use interface, his team can now manage all workflows, methods, user rights, security, roles, authority settings and more from a single platform.

  3. Reporting to M: Yes, even James Bond has a boss. During and after every mission, M is going to keep track of all the expenses James Bond submits and will definitely have corrections. M is often on the road, but she doesn’t have to worry since K2 mobile allows her to approve, decline or request updates to James Bond’s expense reports. Using the Expense Management SmartStarter, M was able to quickly create an app that makes it easy for James Bond to submit his expenses and allows her to process them from anywhere. And if he crashes less cars, M just might approve all those martini expenses!

No matter how cool your job is – even when it’s James Bond-level cool – dealing with unnecessary paperwork and complicated processes is always a pain.

For more information about how K2’s latest updates could streamline your business, read the press release here.