Spy Technology “Q” Could Build Using K2 SmartStarters

Everyone knows Q is a genius inventor, engineer and thinker. As head of research and development for the British Secret Intelligence Service, he has the ability to transform a bagpipe into a flamethrower or a tube of toothpaste into a bomb – all with the goal of making sure James Bond is equipped with the latest gadgets. Even though he’s a brilliant developer, Q still appreciates shortcuts here and there. That’s why we think, if equipped with SmartStarters created by K2, he’d be able to use the preconfigured business apps and customize them to create some pretty cutting-edge spy technology. With SmartStarters, you can jumpstart business applications by using K2 out of the box preconfigured apps; 13 new SmartStarters are added this month for K2 blackpearl customers on the 4.7 platform.

Here are some ideas we had for him:

  1. Personal Publicist: It may come as a surprise, but Bond is huge on social media (he’s a big Twitter guy). Whether he’s using his enemy’s Facebook statuses to track their location or staying up-to-date on the latest hashtag trends, he tries to maintain an active social presence. However, given how busy Bond is with missions, he often doesn’t have the time to post regularly. So we think it would be helpful if Q used the Social Media Post Review SmartStarter to build a bot publicist to make sure Bond’s online reputation is being efficiently managed. Q could build a function to have the bot generate content for Bond’s social media platforms and route it directly to his phone for approval and signoff.

  2. Universal IT Remote: Q knows how much Bond hates dealing with IT issues. As a solution, Q could combine the System Access Request, IT Asset Request and IT Service Request SmartStarters to build a universal app for all his gadgets that would allow Bond to complete any IT-related task with the press of a button – from submitting and tracking all IT system issues to managing IT service requests to automating the ability to request access to all information systems within the British Secret Intelligence Service. No more keeping Q on his toes with numerous IT requests.

  3. Event Planning App: As part of his upscale lifestyle, Bond enjoys throwing big parties for his fellow secret agents and friends. He’s very meticulous about event details but doesn’t have the time or patience to plan them himself. Using the Event Planning SmartStarter, Q could easily build Bond an app that automates the entire event planning approval process. All Bond would have to do is hire a planner, who would present the event details to him via the app so he can approve everything in a timely fashion, reducing delays typically associated with manual processes.

Perhaps these ideas are a bit ambitious. Q will need to run them by M first, of course, which he could easily do if he used the New Idea Submission SmartStarter. But we think if he is capable of creating an exploding shark pellet, he can certainly invent these ideas with the help of K2. For more information about how K2 helps customers streamline business processes, you can read more about the latest news here.