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Apendo Expands Partnership with K2, Strengthening Its Process Automation Capabilities Across the Nordics

Press Release

The expansion furthers the company’s automation capabilities and presence into new markets 

Apendo, a leader in digitization and automation solutions and SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and a leader in enterprise low-code application development announced the expansion of their partnership to market, sell and implement K2 products in Norway. Expansion to Norway is a result of the partners’ successful products available to businesses in Denmark and Sweden over the last eighteen months. 

“We are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Apendo,” said Ruan Scott, senior vice president of channel at K2. “The combination of Apendo and K2 solutions improve the way Nordic-based enterprises discover, connect, and manage data from automated workflows to drive meaningful end-to-end business outcomes.”

Enterprises in Norway will now be able to leverage K2’s low-code development tools and Apendo’s automation platform to:

  • Build powerful, intelligent digital process applications.
  • Connect unstructured data from both desktop and cloud-based applications for easier discoverability.
  • Manage the flow of work across human, AI, and system-based tasks in one place.
  • Track information, decisions, and status of the end-to-end content management processes.

“K2 has a proven track record of incubating and accelerating into new markets. The opportunity for expansion helps further our investments and help customers achieve even greater success in their automation journeys,” said Tonny Anderson, COO at Apendo AB & Managing Director in Denmark. “Evolving the combination of our capabilities further accelerates the growth of digital process automation across the Nordics, and will provide process-tools that enable companies to optimize their end-to-end business processes and enhance the overall customer experience.”

To learn more about the joint partnership between K2 and Apendo, please contact k2alliance@k2.com.