The K2 Story

K2’s foundation is based on digital process automation and we continue to evolve the ways in which we enable organizations to simplify complex workflows to improve the customer experience. Today, we are proud to say that we have played an integral part in connecting people, processes, and information for over 4000 customers, looking to drive digital transformation initiatives across their enterprises.

The Making of K2

K2 was founded by Adriaan van Wyk and Olaf Wagner in 2000. Fresh out of college, they had the vision to simplify process-based applications and change how business is done. Since then, K2 has grown into an award-winning business application software company with five offices and over 500 employees across the globe. 

Move to the Cloud

In 2017 we evolved our product strategy from an on-premise focus to a cloud-first focus. Since the transition, we have seen many of our customers migrate from K2 blackpearl and K2 Five to our cloud platform. We are especially proud of the fact that we have successfully completed well over 1 billion workflows since the inception of the company.

Nearly 20 Years in Process

K2 is built on a deep foundation of process automation. In fact, we are closing in on 20 years in process automation and welcomed Evan Ellis as our new CEO and President. Now more than ever we are seeing our rich history in digital process automation paying off with K2 being the glue that bonds people, robots and data together to drive intelligent process automation and accelerate business decisions.

Growth and Funding

K2’s relentless focus on customer success has inspired companies worldwide to save money, reduce risk, and increase revenue. K2 has seen strong adoption with more than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries, including 30 percent of the Fortune 100. In 2015, K2 received a nod of approval from Francisco Partners with an investment of more than $150 million to support K2’s vision and growth.