The foundation for all K2 support offerings is the Gold Support package. This includes software assurance and software support for a 12-month period, giving customers access to all hotfixes, updates and major releases of the K2 software products they have purchased.

    In addition, it grants access to the K2 Partner and Customer Portal, knowledge base and K2 Community - websites that provide product downloads, documentation, help topics, community forums and a place to open break-fix support tickets. Phone support is available to customers during regular business hours for the region in which the software is purchased.


    K2 offers Premier Support options for customers who want more access and flexibility than what is offered in standard support and maintenance. Each Premier Support option, which can be added separately or bundled for a discount, is an add-on to Gold Support and cannot be purchased in lieu of Gold Support.

    Subscription-based Premier Support options can be purchased in 12-month increments and provide ad-hoc support assistance.

    K2's Business Day After-Hours Premier Support provides after-hours support during the workweek, defined as the start of business on Monday to the end of business Friday, in the region where the software was purchased.

    The Everyday After-Hours Premier Support option ensures support anytime inside or outside of normal business hours, including weekends and public holidays, in the region where the software was purchased.

    The Multi-Regional Premier Support option is for customers with offices or teams in multiple regions or countries. It entitles each team to support-desk services in their own region. For example, ABC Corporation purchased two K2 server licenses in North America and maintains them there. However, with the Gold Support-level option, ABC's development teams in London and Hong Kong would need to utilize support in the United States, using the business hours of that region. With the Multi-Regional Premium Support option add-on, ABC development teams outside the United States can now receive support from the K2 office in their own region, using their own region's business hours. The K2 Multi-Regional option extends Gold-level support to additional regions during normal business hours for that region.

    K2 Extended-Term Premier Support is for customers using K2 product versions that have entered a sunset or end-of-life (EOL) status and are no longer supported under standard K2 support and maintenance policies. The K2 Extended-Term option provides Gold-level support in the region where the software was purchased.


    K2's incident-based Premier Support options allow support to be purchased on a per-incident basis. Payment is required before services are rendered and is paid per time unit of service used.

    K2's Pay-Per-Incident Scheduled After-Hours Premium Support provides support during scheduled maintenance periods with normal use for production server upgrades, installations or deployments.

    The Pay-Per-Incident Emergency After-Hours Premium Support option provides support during an emergency if you don't subscribe to any after-hours support options or have not scheduled after-hours.


    K2 offers real-time technical support and maintenance to help our customers maintain and optimize their K2 solutions. Use the links below to access self-help and community resources; submit a ticket for support; or call us to reach technical support, K2 Answers and Consulting Services.


    Terms and conditions for K2 support and maintenance.