Improve operational efficiency and staff productivity by delivering information in real time, from anywhere and any device.

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K2 Mobile

Mobilize your workforce

To support the growing demand for mobile business applications, K2 delivers benefits for both your mobile application creators and your mobile users.

  • K2 enables users to create an app once and easily configure it to be responsive on mobile
  • K2 Mobile works seamlessly on iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Increase productivity by taking action while on the go — delegate, redirect, approve, sleep or send items for revision
  • Data is secured using industry-standard file encryption and security settings

K2 Workdesk

Centralized location for all applications, tasks and processes

When you’re not using K2 Mobile, working from your desk or browser can be just as easy.

  • Centralized, intuitive and customizable WorkDesk allows you to review and take action on all pending tasks or across all K2 business applications
  • Task management for improved productivity and business acceleration
  • Easily search and view pending actions
  • Set out-of-office notifications and escalation triggers

Process Insights

Better, faster data-driven decisions

K2 provides out-of-the-box and no-code customizable graphical reports for real-time visibility and in-depth insights to monitor K2 applications. Key benefits include:

  • Full visibility into business processes with real-time graphical reports
  • Graphical representation with workflow visualization and drill-down capabilities
  • Actionable insights provide full visibility into the current state of their processes to ensure work flows seamlessly throughout the business
  • Track and take action on backlogs
  • Integrate with third-party analytics tools such as Excel PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerBI, SSRS, Tableau and more


K2 apps run on premises or in the cloud, they integrate with your current systems, and they allow for insightful reporting. Everything you build is reusable and easy to change with little-to-no code.

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