STATS ChipPAC uses K2 to build enterprise-wide business applications and integrate data.


STATS ChipPAC, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor package, design, assembly, test and distribution services, looked to K2 for business applications that would help deliver efficiency and solve backend data integration problems. The company’s data dependency issues resulted from a legacy workflow system that required a lot of manual coding.

STATS ChipPAC needed to be able to quickly respond to the market demand and the requirements of its customers. In order to do this effectively, it needed to automatically integrate data in real time to reduce quality issues in production.

With K2, approved workflows automatically initiate the creation of data in backend systems, a process that used to take an extra hour for each approval. Now STATS ChipPAC can build applications once and leverage existing process components to deliver faster, increase visibility, reduce human errors and maintain 100 percent compliance with data requirements.

“Once we acquired K2, we were able to integrate [the data] with backend systems in real time. […] We achieved 100 percent real-time integration,” said Arimilli Radhakrishna, IT manager, workflow applications at STATS ChipPAC.

The company is using K2 to develop various workflow applications within the company — from simple employee self-service, finance and purchasing applications to various complex business workflows used by thousands of its employees across the globe.

“We are putting out 10-20 new K2-based applications every quarter, so currently we are totaling a hundred plus applications that we are using worldwide,” said Alan Liew director, corporate IT at STATS ChipPAC.

In the future, STATS ChipPAC is planning to build on this success by creating more applications that focus on mobile technology. 






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