• Sierra Detention Systems

    Sierra Detention Systems

    Since 1995, Sierra Detention Systems has grown into a leading manufacturer and integrator of security environments and technology. Now the company is on the precipice of a major shift.


With more than 300 employees in 5 offices across North America, Sierra is on the precipice of a major shift, as it evolves from a jail company that offers security electronics to a technology company that also outfits jails.

“It’s difficult in any organization to communicate across all different levels and departments, but as we continue to expand and make the shift into this new kind of company, the challenges are even greater,” said Meredith Berman, Sierra’s director of marketing, Sierra Detention Systems

The company was dealing with lost files, accountability issues, lack of data reporting and manual processes that were focused primarily on spreadsheets and network shares. These were the kinds of inefficiencies that were holding them back from focusing on what they do best — innovating.

When Sierra Detention Systems couldn’t find the right software to fit its specialized needs and discovered the high cost associated with building a solution itself, the company turned to K2 to solve its project management problems, particularly with its requests for information (RFI) process.

“We’ve been able to save our project managers a pretty significant amount of time just on the limited scope we’ve already deployed,” said Tyler Clark, a SharePoint developer at Sierra. “One that they’re using most often is our RFI process.”

With K2, Sierra Detention Systems was able to add accountability to its processes as well as automate, tag and store all its files. Time was saved creating files but also modifying and tracking them through a single interface without risking losing information along the way.

“We’ve been able to create applications that our users never really knew could exist. Our company’s content management system is a gigantic time saver for most of the business,” Clark said. “So, I think our success can be measured by the fact that we’ve dramatically impacted their ability to do work.”


Brighton, CO, U.S.