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    Business Process Management and BPM Software

    Traditional Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) promise greater efficiency, consistency, visibility, flexibility and collaboration. It’s not good enough.

    Thousands of companies around the world have selected K2 as their BPMS of choice, and their reasoning is simple: They want all the power of big BPM software but with faster delivery, easier BPM tools and better value for the money.

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    End users get what they need, wherever they need it and within the proper context. K2's BPM software platform allows you to get mobile access to work and data, use skin-able UI options with pre-built design options, embed views within third-party applications like SharePoint or custom applications, integrate with social tools for interactivity and collaboration and provide for role-based experiences.

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    With K2's BPM software platform, business and technical experts can create forms, model processes, integrate systems and build reports using familiar tools and business process modeling environments. Tool options include browser, thick-client, SharePoint and Visual Studio, and users can collaborate, regardless of the environment they prefer.

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    Use content management systems (like SharePoint) for collaboration, access to unstructured data and social integration. With K2's business process management tools and software, you can also manage documents and spreadsheets, organize disparate or non-linear content (project, case management), support rich media (video, audio) and integrate with social streams.

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    Business rules and business process engineering can be simple (for a single purchase approval) or very complex (to deal with evolving regulatory changes). They ensure proper actions are taken and can invoke: escalation and redirection, notifications and easy access to incorporate line-of-business data in business rules.

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    K2’s BPM software platform features a catalog of reusable assets and BPM tools to make assembly of new solutions easier, faster and consistent — within and across departments. Reuse business logic and calculations, snippets or entire workflows, forms and views, including controls for reports and line -of-business integration.

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    Processes span people, systems and even companies. We help you bring them all together. With K2's BPM tools and software you can integrate line-of-business systems, access cloud data (Office 365, Salesforce.com, cloud apps), include content management systems and unstructured data (documents, spreadsheets), incorporate social and collaboration platforms and build processes to be information-driven.

  • BPMS software for continuous process improvement


    Business works in real-time. So does K2. Quickly raise events to people, K2 systems and third-party systems for further action. Easily tie events to data, and define task, email and social notification events using graphical event wizards. K2 makes continuous process improvement simple.

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    K2's BPMS gives you the power to adapt, own and manage your environment. Manage solutions in the administrative environment you’re comfortable with. Process- and task-level security options fit appropriate security management needs. Version management lets you easily move between different process versions.


    K2’s BPM platform is built to scale. It is trusted to manage millions of transactions and billions of dollars at the world’s leading companies. And it’s flexible enough to allow for change as quickly and often as the business requires.


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    Avante Group

    Avante Group taps K2 blackpearl to streamline its organization, process by process. 

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    Royal Dutch Shell, a global group of energy companies with 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries, uses K2 to create faster workflow development and lower costs.

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    KCE Electronics

    KCE Electronics uses K2 to seamlessly integrate SAP information with business processes.

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