SPTechCon Boston

START DATE: 8/11/2013 11:30 AM (GMT)
END DATE: 8/14/2013 9:00 PM (GMT)
Industry event


Attend the SharePoint Technology Conference – the best SharePoint Training, Classes, and Tutorials in the World.

Come to SPTechCon for technical classes and tutorials for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 administrators, IT professionals, business users and developers. Learn from the best SharePoint experts, including dozens of SharePoint MVPs and Certified SharePoint Professionals. Meet and network with your colleagues, bootstrap your learning in SharePoint 101 sessions, test drive SharePoint solutions in the Exhibit Hall, exchange SharePoint tips and tricks in after-hours Lightning Talks and Ask the Expert discussions. Study SharePoint governance, find out about SharePoint 2013, master document management, team up for collaboration and tons more. If you or your team needs Microsoft SharePoint training come to SPTechCon Boston!

What's at SPTechCon for IT professionals?
Microsoft SharePoint is way more than a collaborative corporate portal. These days everyone wants to leverage it for their intranets and Web sites, document management, business process management, corporate compliance and more . At SPTechCon, we offer Sharepoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 training where you'll learn the best practices for managing a SharePoint environment and integrating it with other systems to unleash the full power of the software ... and your company! Are you migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013? SPTechCon is chock-full of training on how to make your SharePoint 2013 migration smooth.

What's at SPTechCon for business managers and analysts?
Above all, SharePoint is a platform for business applications, and can bring great efficiencies to businesses through use of such things as new social media capabilities that make for richer collaboration. SPTechCon offers SharePoint tutorials that can get you started. Then you can choose from dozens and dozens of SharePoint training classes to teach you how to take full advantage of SharePoint, from managing your content, working with lists and libraries, creating business intelligence reporting and much more.

What's at SPTechCon for SharePoint developers?
The SharePoint developer training tutorials and classes at SPTechCon are consistently rated at 9 or above on a ten-point scale. You'll learn how to create applications for SharePoint that solve real business problems, and also see what kind of third-party applications have already been created to run on top of SharePoint.


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